I am a life coach and aromatherapist, an artist, a mother, a gardener, a sailor and a skier.

I am particularly interested in holistic health and personally looking at the intersection of language and wellness.

About the Wizard

The process and relationship of coaching feels alchemical to me. We start where we are and something very valuable emerges. Together, as coach and client, we engage in the magic of deep listening. I am not the wizard, the process is.

Nancy Lubin, CPCC has been coaching full time since 1996. She is the first certified coach in Maine, and the co-founder of The Coaches Alliance of Maine. She coaches executives and people who want to excel at their careers while maintaining focus on the big picture. Her desire is that all people find meaning and pleasure in their lives, bringing them a sense of fulfillment and contribution.

With her colleague Louise Franck Cyr she designed, and regularly delivers ‘Dynamic Edge’ – a Coach training program for supervisors who want to create a more appreciative and growth inspiring environment for their staff and in their organization.

She is passionate about coaching and the consequent results the coaching relationship creates in the world. Along with her clients, she is committed to expanding a notion of what is possible individually and collectively.