How I Work

The coaching relationship is a powerful and supportive process to engage you with your best self. It is always a confidential relationship.

My preferred way to work with you is  a 4-month contract which gives us the time to fully engage with your desired results. This time frame allows for new habits to form and take hold, seeds of ideas to sprout and thrive, mistakes to be made, lessons to be learned and new directions to appear.

We may work longer than 4 months; and 4 months sets a great foundation.

Over the duration of our coaching relationship, life continues, and sometimes shifts your initial agenda. The beauty of this process is that we will have built a foundation that can assess what is, and adjust if necessary.

The tools and skills you learn in coaching are yours forever.

Most of the coaching I do is over the phone. I am also available to work in my office at The Wellness Center in Camden ME, or by Skype.

Coaching sessions run 30 -45 minutes on a weekly basis unless you prefer to work differently. Our first task is to co-create this relationship to work for you.

Please contact me if you have more questions or specific concerns you would like to discuss.