About Nancy

I bring a roaming mind and a willing heart to explorations that have taken me from life on a wilderness farm in Western Maine as a hand-weaver designing textiles for recognized national brands to cooking on an ocean racing sailboat.

To schedule an appointment, call 207-596-9855 or email nancy@intention.com.
You can also find me at
Camden Whole Health.

I have lived in Camden for 30 years, integrating my journeys through Jean Houston’s Mystery School, membership in the American Holistic Medical Association, and ongoing trainings in many health supporting practices. My passion for plants and creativity weave together to form the foundation of a practice dedicated to support the essence in each one of us.

I am the first Certified Professional Life Coach in Maine (1997), the first Certified Zentangle Teacher in Maine (2010), and I am also a certified (2005) Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster facilitator

I am also trained as a life coach. As a coach with a specialty in adult ADD, I work with adults to resolve issues such as organization, planning, and impulse control.

I am a mother and gardener and have never met a workshop description that didn’t have me ready to register. I am a co-founder of the Midcoast chapter of the Maine Women’s Network and a founding member of Destination Wellness Midcoast Maine.

Aroma Education:

I earned my initial Aromatherapy certification in 2013 from Aromahead Institute. In 2014, I completed the Aromahead Teacher training.
Studies with Rhiannon Lewis (Essential Oil Resource Consultants-France).


  • Clinical aromatherapy and infectious diseases
  • Advanced Formulation Skills
  • Aromapsychology


  • Level One French Medical Aromatherapy


  • Advanced Clinical aromatherapy for Respiratory Challenges
  • Clinical Aromatherapy for Pain and inflammation

Gabriel Mojay

  • 2016: Harmonizing the Spirit: Five element aromatherapy and essential oils, acupoint massage for psychological conditions.

Mark Webb (Aromedix Australia)

  • 2017: CO2 extracts in Aromatic Therapies
  • 2016-18: Diploma in Aromatic Medicine

Joy Bowles (Australia)

  • 2018: Fundamental Chemistry w/Tisserand Institute
  • 2018: inside Aromatherapy

Madeleine Kerkof-Hayes (KiCoZo – Netherlands)

  • 2018: Fusion Aromatherapy and pain
  • 2019: Master class in palliative care, Dementia, and Death and Dying