Essential Oils / Aromatherapy

Essential Oils / Aromatherapy

Essential oils (EO) are concentrated extracts of plant parts.
They are most commonly derived through steam distillation or, often in the case of citrus oils, cold pressed from the rind. Steam distilled citrus oils are also available. CO2 (carbon dioxide) extracts are becoming more widely available through reputable purveyors of essential oils.

The most important things to know about using essential oils safely are:

1. Essential oils have a shelf life.
Keep your oils in a cool dark place and know your source so you can trust the dates your oils were created.

2. DO not drink EO in your water.
Here’s a great article for more info: Why Essential Oils are Not Water Flavoring Agents

3. Dilute your essential oils.
Here’s my chart for safe dilution: SAFE DILUTION 5%

How Does an Aromatherapy Consult with Nancy Work?

We will meet in my office or over the phone to learn what you would like to accomplish with aromatherapy. I will need to know:

1. What needs you want to address.

2. A bit about your present physical condition, including present medications/herbs etc.

Schedule an Aromatherapy Consultation

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