Life Coaching

Nancy Lubin
Coaching is defined by the Coaches Training Institute as: A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance the life long process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment.

Intention * Choice * Results

It is this alliance, this relationship, which differentiates coaching from other processes which look similar, such as mentoring and therapy. Coaching inspires the client to design his/her own optimal support system. From there the team of coach and client work together to discover the values and goals that are most important to the client. The clarity gained in this process then informs all other explorations and choices. It is this clarity which makes conscious grounded decision making available to the client in every aspect of his/her life. Goals are then consistent with the individual’s values, and the result is a more balanced life.

Peak performers have traditionally hired coaches to spur them on in a clearly directed way, to help them explore the possibilities for an optimal future. You can hire a coach for yourself to have life and work come easily to you as you focus on what really counts for you.

Knowing where you stand with yourself is the first step to fulfillment and satisfaction. The opportunity to deepen your learning and create the life you want is the natural outcome of working with a coach.

Generally coaching takes place over the phone so it is not necessary to live in proximity to your coach. If you live nearby, and prefer to work in person, that is certainly an option.

Coaching is a strictly confidential relationship.

ADD Coaching
I started my coaching career specializing as an ADD coach. I trained with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Nancy Ratey, M.A. I understand how uniquely ADD manifests in adults challenged with this amazing brain. I love helping a person appreciate the blessing of the neurological difference. Thriving is possible when we understand ourselves well enough to make the changes that might have been too challenging before we learned more about our unique experience of the world around us. In my experience there are certain tools and techniques that can be particularly helpful. For one person it might be creating a custom calendar, for another it might be strategies for focus. Planning can be a paradox for the ADD individual, and it can be a great relief to create just the right planning process for you.

Life’s Moments Coaching
You can set up an appointment for a one- or two-hour conversation with me to discuss what is on your mind and get another perspective and a possible resolution. Your issue could be a communication glitch, a ‘stuck” place, a desire to shift gears, or the opportunity to hear yourself think so you can access your own clarity with the assistance of some insightful questions.


The first step is to have a conversation. There is no cost for this initial consultation.

If we agree that we are a good “fit,” the next step is to co-create this relationship to work for you.

  • My preferred way to work with you is a 4-month contract which gives us the time to fully engage with your desired results. This time frame allows for new habits to form and take hold, seeds of ideas to sprout and thrive, mistakes to be made, lessons to be learned and new directions to appear.
  • We may work longer than 4 months; and 4 months sets a great foundation.
  • Coaching sessions run 30-45 minutes on a weekly basis unless you prefer to work differently.
  • Most of the coaching I do is over the phone. I am also available to work in my office at Camden Whole Health in Camden ME, or by Skype.

I have a few documents I will ask you to fill out to help me get to know you better.  We then arrange for a long initial session to go over your responses and set some goals based on our conversation. We also take some time to start the values clarification process, which is a ‘work over time’ and requires some guidance in the beginning.

With your priorities set, we will meet weekly to discover what needs to happen next and strategize the best use of your energy and focus.

My job is to remind you of your strengths and ask you to stretch a little (sometimes that stretch means taking time off, not necessarily doing more or working harder).

Over the duration of our coaching relationship, life continues, and sometimes shifts your initial agenda. The beauty of this process is that we will have built a foundation that can assess what is and adjust, if necessary.

The tools and skills you learn in coaching are yours forever.

What do you want?

How are you going to get it?

What makes you feel happy and fulfilled?

How can you have what you want in your life, including pleasure and work?

What values are important to you?

These are the questions we rarely get asked in our daily lives.

IMAGINE having someone in your life who is there to:

  • Help you find answers to these and other important questions,
  • Clarify values
  • Articulate goals
  • Define strategies and plans
  • Hold a vision of you in your full expression and success
  • Challenge you to achieve that vision

This person is known professionally as a coach.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Similarly, the value of coaching can be viewed in a more insightful way through imagery. The different aspects of coaching are represented and explained below.

The upside down child symbolizes a playful look at something from a different point of view. The ability to look at something from a different perspective and make it light. It is also about the opportunity to re-frame: “This is how I heard you.” Being heard from a different perspective often leads to unexpected shifts.

The bridge, representing support, is supposed to be invisible. You know it’s there, but you don’t think about it—just supports you. Coaching is supportive in a similar way. It transports you in going from Point A to Point B. Choosing to have a coach is taking that first step onto the bridge.

A coach helps you crack open doors that might have been locked, giving you a look into doors you may not have otherwise looked into. You know what is behind the locked door, but you do not necessarily know how to get there. With a coach, you can find the key to see what’s behind the locked door. From the coach’s perspective, the door represents their client—it is discovery—their bigger future self. They are looking out on a voyage of discovery that can be fun and draws you out.

It’s about partnership and relationship. Neither the coach or the client can do this on their own – it’s a relationship. A sense of motion develops from coaching. Coaching is putting insights, desires, intentions into action and results. By making a choice you are setting something into motion—this partnership creates motion—motion toward your goals.

It’s about the journey—the passage to discovery. Coaching is abstract. It is an experience in an ever-changing landscape. With a coach at your side, this journey is less arduous, often revealing new insights to approach and action.

The weathervane feels the direction of the wind. A coach, sitting once removed, gets the drift. The weathervane intuits the direction of the wind—feels the wind—and exhibits what it picks up. The weathervane could have a question mark instead of the arrow. The coach isn’t the leader—the question mark is. That is the power of a clear question.

Good to Great Coaching:
IF you think ‘things could be better,’ but you are not really sure how that might be achieved… coaching may be the perfect way to explore making some changes that would increase your sense of well-being and accomplishment.

The coaching relationship is a powerful and supportive process to engage you with your best self. It is always a confidential relationship.

Ready to get started or have questions?

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