Zentangle is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity. Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. Zentangle is enjoyed by a wide range of skills and ages and is used in many fields of interest.”      

~Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

  • An intuitive art form?
  • Yoga for your brain?
  • A creativity exercise?
  • A focusing technique?
  • A relaxation/meditation experience?
  • A rainy-day activity for the whole family?

Fun for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Anyone can create a Zentangle. Even if you have never drawn a line, you can pick up the pen and make a beautiful piece the very first time. My 80-year-old mother will attest to this. People who are sure they are not “creative, artistic, or talented” are always delighted and surprised to see what they can create.

Anytime you have a few minutes you can create a small piece of art or enter a state of quiet and focus. Making a Zentangle is an abstract, yet intentional, process. However, no expectations get in the way of being in the moment with your pen and tile. The finished results are always pleasing.

Anywhere you can find a surface to work on a 3.5 inch paper tile you can start, and likely finish, a Zentangle. The portability of the materials offers a wonderful way to utilize time spent waiting for appointments or transportation, or embellishing a journal page. It is also a perfect way to transition into the “zone” of focus or flow, or both.

As a Life Coach and a lifelong learner, Zentangle had plenty to teach me. I was simultaneously fascinated by this pen and ink pattern process, and intimidated. After all, I had flunked art in 7th grade and was pretty sure I wasn’t capable of anything “artistic.”

When I couldn’t find a local teacher, and there was almost nothing online or in print in 2010, I signed up for a Zentangle Teacher training because that was what was available to me. I experienced the truth in the Zentangle tag line “Anything is possible… one stroke at a timeTM.” REVELATION!

As I taught classes, I was thrilled to see people who were sure they were not creative, beaming at the accomplishment of their first tile.

I see that in Life Coaching all the time…..perspectives shift, long held beliefs about our identity melt away and we grow into a new understanding of our capacities. So, for me, Zentangle is a metaphor. Anything is possible…we just need to be willing to stretch.

We all need to relax, decompress and de-stress now and then.
Zentangle offers a quick way to intentionally redirect your focus and allow you to enter a relaxed state almost immediately—without going on vacation. It does not require a practiced physical discipline, uniform, special location or equipment. Think of Zentangle as ‘yoga for your brain.’

By combining simple, repetitive patterns you will be amazed at how easy it is to create unique works of art, become relaxed, and that “Anything is possible… one stroke at a timeTM.”

  • Last approximately two and one half hours
  • Require at least six participants
  • Have additional supplies and the original Zentangle Kits available for purchase

Schedule a Private Lesson or Group Workshop

If you have questions or would like to schedule a private lesson or workshop for you or your organization, please call 207-200-4069 or email nancy@intention.com.

Zentangle® was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. You can see more Zentangles from around the world by clicking here. Thanks to Sandy Steen Bartholomew for coining the phrase "yoga for your brain."